The Civil War Santa
Russian Santa
Civil War Santa is 6 ft tall.  His sculptured head and hands was molded and poured in silicone to mimic realistic flesh in it's look and feel.  German hand blown glass eyes was inserted into the silicone head. The beard and hair is natural Cotswold sheep fleece that was hand felted into the silicone.
The Civil War Santa is wearing reenactment leather boots and wool coat, that has white wool stars hand sewn onto it.  The coat is also trimmed in recycled natural fur.  He is holding a flag downing 33 stars in one hand and a burlap bag full of period reproduction gifts and toys.
The Civil War Santa
The Russian Santa
The Russian Santa was made same as the Civil War Santa, but is wearing a royal blue 3/4 length coat trimmed in gold.  He is wearing a recycled rabbit fur collar and hat that is trimmed with a holly berry accent.  He has red pants and a gold shirt that has a red sparkle cummerbund.  His red boots laced in rawhide is also trimmed in matching rabbit fur.
He is holding an exquisite staff that has a real antler on top, in one hand and a Christmas tree in the other arm which symbolizes presents for good children.  On his back is a bundle of switches for bad children.
The Victorian Santa
The Victorian Santa was made same as the Civil War Santa, but is wearing a  3/4 length maroon coat trimmed in a natural dark mink.  His collar and hat are made from the same recycled mink.  This Santa is wearing tall Renaissance style brown boots.  

Draped over the Victorian Santa's shoulders is a garland of evergreen, and in one hand he is holding a decorated wreath and in the other hand he is holding a one of a kind curyly wood staff topped with authentic antlers.
Kris Kringle
Kris Kringle is costumed in a full length faux fur white coat with a gold lining.  It is trimmed in a longer faux fur around the wide bell sleeves and the front and bottom of the coat. Underneath his elaborate coat he is wearing a pear of off white pants and a gold trimmed vest.

Kris Kringle is holding a gold watch in his hand with a small tree, and an evergreen swag decorated with gold poinsettias and berries in the other hand.
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